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IR35 Guides


We offer a range of IR35 status reviews for UK contractors, all reviewed by our vastly experienced staff – who have personally reviewed thousands of contracts and working practices reviews over the past decade.

Knowing and understanding your IR35 status is now more important than ever. An IR35 contract review arms a contractor with the independent evidence they need to show their status, be it if the regulation allows you to decide your IR35 status, or if you want to dispute a decision made by another party in the supply chain. 

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IR35 is not black and white, it is a grey area of tax rules and regulations. It is not based on a clear set of laws but instead formed from case precedence dating back over 50 years, despite being only just over 20 years old itself.

With IR35 having recently undergone more change than ever before with regards to the public and private sector off-payroll reforms, we provide a full suite of in-depth guides, written in plain English, that cover every angle of IR35, including help and advice on how a contractor can improve their own IR35 status.

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Insurance provides peace of mind. HMRC open hundreds of investigations into the IR35 status of contractors every year, something that is unnerving, stressful, costly and can take up to a couple of years to conclude.

Our insurance provides cover for the costs of professional IR35 expert representation to defend your case against HMRC, giving you the best chance possible of being successful. HMRC can open an investigation without suspicion or as part of a random selection, making no-one immune from their radar.

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